How Can Estate Agents Better Utilise Social Media

Social media influences much of what occurs in the real world. People have forged glorious careers by working away online.

After all, young people flock to cyberspace for guidance from influencers and businesses. They are the future, and these habits will likely become more common. There’s no point denying it! Estate agents shouldn’t shun what’s coming, either.

Turbulent real estate and economic conditions are causing much anxiety among the public. If estate agents could step in and be an all-knowing, comforting presence, they’d undoubtedly put themselves in far better standing.

Social media is an instrumental tool for estate agents to get ahead during times of crisis. If you’re working in the industry, read on for tips on better utilising these digital platforms.  

Realise It’s Full Potential

Estate agents use social media for various things. It would help if you tried to understand the breadth of its potential in the context of being an estate agent first.

You can use social media for many things, including:

  • Collaborating with influencers
  • Engaging your community publicly.
  • Providing virtual tours and videos of your listings.
  • Linking to consumer-friendly content you’ve made; top tips, how-to articles, etc.
  • Creating and facilitating networking opportunities with industry peers.
  • Conducting market research to monitor competitor activities and consumer trends.

So, as you can see, social media is more than just a messaging platform. It can provide crucial insights and help you establish stronger foundations for your agency. Don’t underestimate the potential of social media!

Hire Expert Help

If you’re an expert in real estate, that can be enough. There’s a reason navigating social media can be a discipline all of its own. Should you try to master both, there may be limits on how much you can fulfil your potential in either world.

Fortunately, there’s help out there that specialises in providing strategies in social media for estate agents, getting them seen by more people. Every client of Distribute Digital is assigned a fully dedicated UK-based account manager. Full transparency is guaranteed from the beginning, with no use for contracts, and clear and concise communication is also a priority. Their services are well-reviewed by others they’ve worked with, and you can send them custom proposals for what you’d like to achieve through social media. 

Services like these can be multifaceted, too. They may also be able to help with designing and developing your website, Pay Per Click strategies on Google Ads, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO, in particular, is essential to have, as it ensures all of your social media content ranks as high as possible in Google search results, generating more clicks and conversions.

Rethink Controversial Platforms

Some organisations try to have a presence on as many social media platforms as possible. While it’s understandable to have that goal to boost visibility, it can risk complicating the picture.

Social media is under constant scrutiny. Questions are often being asked of key platforms about whether they can protect their users and more. Corrupt individuals can lead to some social media sites, and these cases have been well-documented in the mainstream media.

It may be best for your agency to avoid platforms known to generate immense controversy. For all their failings, Facebook and Instagram may be okay to have a profile for your agency featured, but anywhere known to generate hateful content en masse should be avoided. There’s no sense clambering aboard a sinking ship or risking being associated with unethical characters.

These decisions are about more than your agency’s reputation, but accessibility too. People are trying to avoid toxic cyberspaces more than ever before. Spend more time and resources investing in social media platforms that are popular, uplifting, and much-loved. That focused approach will generate the most promising results for your estate agency.

Establish Storytelling Appeal

Real estate can either be a dry and tedious subject of discussion or something that’s fascinating and highly appealing to all. There’s a fine line here, but the distinction often comes down to hope you broach the topic.

Contrary to what many might believe, the power of storytelling can shape a social media strategy, helping people become more immersed in your area of expertise. While some people use these platforms as a way to read snippets of information, others are determined to immerse themselves in new possibilities and modes of thought.

Of course, real estate as an industry lends itself to storytelling particularly well. Homes are often associated with lifelong aspirations and long-held aesthetic desires. They can encapsulate the dreams people have cherished all their lives. Estate agents often lean into these ideas with their property listings, using descriptive language that doesn’t just advertise a home but also sets a scene.

Keep all of this in mind when you’re fine-tuning your estate agency’s approach to social media. Talk about the history of old buildings and architecture. Develop posts on the success stories of willing past clients and integrate their comments into the copy. Detail renovation projects from conception to completion. It can all make your agency’s social media profile a bit more magical!

Author: Ryan Byrne

Unveiling the World’s Cheapest (and Quirkiest) Homes – From Penny Pinching to Property Prowess

Are you dreaming of becoming a homeowner but working with a budget that makes a dollar store look extravagant? Fear not, budget-conscious adventurers, here it comes, the “World’s Cheapest Homes”! We’re about to embark on a hilarious journey to explore the world of ridiculously affordable homes. Join us as we unveil the hidden gems, the quirky abodes, and the unconventional dwellings that will make your wallet and your funny bone rejoice!

The Quest for the World’s Cheapest Begins

Strap on your detective hat and get ready to unearth the best deals. Begin your search in hidden corners of the internet or even on the bulletin board of your local supermarket. Remember, the weirdest places often hide the greatest opportunities!

Tiny House Mania

Tiny houses are all the rage, and for a good reason—they’re adorable, cost-effective, and allow you to get cosy with your possessions like never before. Imagine sipping tea in your very own shoebox-sized living room or hosting a dinner party for your action figure collection in the dining nook. It’s the epitome of affordable luxury!

Creative Camper Conversions

Why settle for a stationary home when you can take your humble abode on a never-ending adventure? Embrace the spirit of nomadic living by transforming an old school bus, camper van, or even a retrofitted ice cream truck into your new dream home. Just be prepared for the envy-inducing waves from passers-by as you drive by in style.

Embrace the Fixer-Upper Extravaganza

Are you a DIY enthusiast with a knack for transforming trash into treasure? Well, it’s time to put your skills to the test! Seek out the most dilapidated or downright weird properties in your area. Embrace the challenge of turning that decrepit castle or abandoned UFO-shaped house into the envy of the neighbourhood. Just remember to have a sense of humour when things inevitably go sideways!

Bargain Hunting in Unexpected Places

Expand your horizons and venture off the beaten path. Look for hidden gems in countries where the cost of living is lower, where you can snag a spacious villa for the price of a microwave oven. Who needs a tiny studio apartment in a major city when you can have an entire village to yourself? Embrace the charm of quaint towns, picturesque landscapes, and the delightful quirks of foreign cultures.

world cheapest home - small barn
world cheapest home – small barn

Quirky Housemates

If you’re willing to share your living space with unconventional roommates, you might find the deal of a lifetime. Think houses with resident chickens, goats, or even llamas as part of the package. Just imagine waking up to the dulcet tones of your pet rooster, who kindly doubles as your alarm clock. It’s an animal lover’s dream come true!

The Art of Haggling

When it comes to buying a cheap house, channel your inner negotiator. Haggling is an art form, and you’re about to become a Picasso of penny-pinching. Employ tactics like pretending you’re allergic to paint fumes or insisting on a discount because the house’s gnomes keep rearranging your furniture. Remember, the quirkier your negotiation tactics, the better your chances of striking a deal!

Unconventional Financing

If your piggy bank is a little light, get creative with financing options. Consider alternative methods like trading your extensive collection of novelty socks or convincing a benevolent billionaire to sponsor your homeownership dreams in exchange for a lifetime supply of bubble-gum. Desperate times call for ridiculous measures!

Conclusion: World’s Cheapest Homes

In the realm of affordable real estate, laughter truly is the best currency. therefore, embrace the wackiness, the charm, and the unbeatable prices of the world’s cheapest homes. Whether you’re cosying up in a tiny house, embarking on a nomadic adventure, or living with chickens as housemates, there’s a budget-friendly home out there just waiting to make your dreams come true. So, grab your sense of humour, sharpen your negotiation skills, and prepare for a wild ride into the realm of ridiculously affordable real estate!

Affordable Real Estate Top Cities for Buying Property Under 300k

The most stunning areas to live in the United States are not necessarily affordable. Property costs are rising in many major U.S. cities, but there are still numerous cities where property can be purchased for an affordable price. In this article, we will take a look at the best cities for buying property under 300K.

How To Choose The Right City With Property Under 300K?

Moving to a new city is not something you should take lightly. Just because a place is affordable does not imply that you will actually enjoy living there. Therefore, take your time and consider the advantages and disadvantages of a place before moving out of the city. When selecting a city, take into account the transport options you require, the style of property available, and the activities you enjoy.

What is appropriate for another family might not be appropriate for your family. As long as you pick a place that suits your demands, you can locate the ideal area to live in without going over budget. The below table will help you decide the right city for you with a property under $300,000, as some affordable cities will be listed here.

CityStateMedian List Price
Las VegasNevada$289,000
Kansas CityKansas$171,038

5 Beautiful Cities for Buying Property Under $300,000

Las Vegas, Nevada

Median list price: $289,000

Photo by Brayden Law on Pexels

When you hear “Las Vegas,” you might immediately visualize the image of “Sin City.” In truth, Las Vegas is a city surrounded by stunning red rock canyons and hiking trails. There is something in Las Vegas for everyone, from shopping and gambling to live shows and world-class restaurants. 

White sand beaches and the numerous casinos in Las Vegas are also popular among the city’s residents. Those people who don’t want to play gambling have a lot of other options. Shopping is a well-liked activity here, and you will find out lots of boutiques and malls. Las Vegas’s cost of living is almost 10% less than the national average. 

Also, the city’s unemployment rate is 4.9%, which is quite low. Single-family houses are the most common type of house in Las Vegas, accounting for 77.6% of all houses that are on the list for sale right now.

Wedgewood, Texas

Median list price: $288,000

Photo by Talena Reese on Pexels

Wedgwood, Fort Worth, is the ideal place to buy houses and real estate properties as it has green spaces, a welcoming atmosphere, and lovely parks. With its strong sense of community, a wide range of local amenities, and great schools, the lively and well-established community of Wedgwood provides its people with a great quality of life. 

You will be delighted to know that there are luxurious brick houses with all the amenities of modern living available to buy. Homes for sale in Wedgwood, Fort Worth, have conventional yet fashionable ranch-style designs and cozy attached garages.

Cleveland, Ohio

Median list price: $98,708

Photo by benjamin lehman on Unsplash

In addition to being affordable, Cleveland is a young city as well. Its median age is about 36, which is a little lower compared to the national average. Cleveland stands out because of its liveliness. The city is well-known for its numerous cultural attractions, which include the renowned Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. 

It has developed into a center for several important industries, including metal manufacturing, information technology, bio-health, and automotive manufacturing, which are luring families and boosting the regional economy. 

For those who enjoy nature, a vast network of nature preserves surrounds the city and encompasses the Lake Erie beaches. The Cleveland Metroparks system has over 300 miles of horse and bicycle trails, walking, as well as nature centers, picnic spots, fishing areas, and golf courses. 

Kansas City, Kansas

Median list price: $171,038

Photo by Taylor Hunt on Pexels

One of the most reasonably priced cities in the country, Kansas is home to entertaining activities, excellent museums, friendly people, and delicious barbecues. Kansas City is a good illustration of how the Midwest has some of the cheapest areas for first-time homebuyers. With median listing prices under $200,000, this area can be perfect for buyers like you who have a tight budget.

Also, if you work in the healthcare industry, then it will be even better for you. The largest sector in Kansas City, Kansas, is health care. Manufacturing and transportation are other important industries in this region due to the location and available space.

Jacksonville, Florida

Median list price: $295,278

Photo by Lance Asper on Unsplash

Jacksonville is situated on the Atlantic Coast, which is in the northeastern part of Florida. Health and biomedical, advanced manufacturing and logistics, and financial services are important industries in Jacksonville. 

The Mayo Clinic, Citibank, UPS, Bank of America, AT&T, and other well-known enterprises have corporate offices in this city. Here, the job market is expanding, and housing costs are lower than the national average.

You have it now! The best 5 cities in the U.S. for property purchases under 300K. These cities are fantastic locations for buying a vacation home as an investment or for settling down. Tourists and netizens who visit these five extraordinary and affordable locations, all admire them similarly.

Author: Shannon Quantock

Which Rooms Is Herringbone Floor Best For? We Explore

When it comes to floors, the Herringbone variety is exceedingly stylish. You certainly wouldn’t want your shed fitted with this flooring!

Herringbone floors are patterned in a specific way, too. They emulate a chevron-like arrangement of blocks, creating a style of flooring reminiscent of parquet finishes. Some outlets have labelled these statement floors as a ‘must’ for homeowners, so it’s worth knowing more.

Consequently, Herringbone floors typically feature in rooms that are aimed to look particularly sophisticated, lavish, and extravagant. They’re also available in various finishes, making them more suitable for more rooms than one might think. Oakwood, laminate, and LVT looks can be chosen from, lending themselves to either contemporary or traditional touches.

So, which rooms are most suitable for the upgrade? Read on for some answers.

The Kitchen

Extravagance might not seem like a no-brainer for kitchens at first. However, these spaces can be incredibly stylish – especially with a Herringbone floor in the mix.

Why? Well, Herringbone floors can withstand a lot of wear and tear. They’re immensely durable, so the floor won’t be ruined if you drop or spill anything. Additionally, Herringbone floors are very easy to clean, so you don’t need to worry about irreversible damage or destruction in most cases. The kitchen’s a practical area, so everything inside it must be sturdy and robust in the event of occasional mishaps.

There’s also the case that Floors Direct features an example of Herringbone flooring in a kitchen on their website, which looks magnificent. It’s an arte square oak white laminate finish that oozes sophistication. They have other options, though, that will look just as wonderful in a kitchen. Frequent price drops and free delivery services mean Herringbone floors are more attainable than ever!


Obviously, kitchens and bathrooms can be made of similar materials. If there’s a throughline or theme of aesthetics in the home, it can likely be pinpointed in these areas.

Bathrooms can either be bland and generic or be lush, relaxing spaces that emulate sophisticated spa settings. Spa bathrooms have been a breakout decorative theme in recent years as more people crave an escape, a way to press pause on hectic lifestyles. Herringbone floors can be a part of that, selling a setting far removed from daily life’s trials and tribulations.

Because Herringbone floors are exquisite, they can sit alongside marble and ceramic without any issue too. Once again, the easy-to-clean factor is another big justification for why these floors can also be well-utilised in a bathroom.

Living Rooms

Everybody should be able to enjoy Herringbone floors. Given that living rooms are typically the most popular and used home areas, it makes sense to feature them there too.

Moreover, considering people are trying to make their bathrooms as cosy as their living rooms, Herringbone floors could be one of the crucial threads that perfectly knit the two spaces together, along with the kitchen too.

However, it’s also true that Herringbone floors can boost property value too. Using them elsewhere is viable, but as the living room is typically the largest in a home, you’ll get more mileage out of this perk if you double down on sophistication here. That’s well worth remembering too!

Author: Ryan Byrne