Which Rooms Is Herringbone Floor Best For? We Explore

When it comes to floors, the Herringbone variety is exceedingly stylish. You certainly wouldn’t want your shed fitted with this flooring!

Herringbone floors are patterned in a specific way, too. They emulate a chevron-like arrangement of blocks, creating a style of flooring reminiscent of parquet finishes. Some outlets have labelled these statement floors as a ‘must’ for homeowners, so it’s worth knowing more.

Consequently, Herringbone floors typically feature in rooms that are aimed to look particularly sophisticated, lavish, and extravagant. They’re also available in various finishes, making them more suitable for more rooms than one might think. Oakwood, laminate, and LVT looks can be chosen from, lending themselves to either contemporary or traditional touches.

So, which rooms are most suitable for the upgrade? Read on for some answers.

The Kitchen

Extravagance might not seem like a no-brainer for kitchens at first. However, these spaces can be incredibly stylish – especially with a Herringbone floor in the mix.

Why? Well, Herringbone floors can withstand a lot of wear and tear. They’re immensely durable, so the floor won’t be ruined if you drop or spill anything. Additionally, Herringbone floors are very easy to clean, so you don’t need to worry about irreversible damage or destruction in most cases. The kitchen’s a practical area, so everything inside it must be sturdy and robust in the event of occasional mishaps.

There’s also the case that Floors Direct features an example of Herringbone flooring in a kitchen on their website, which looks magnificent. It’s an arte square oak white laminate finish that oozes sophistication. They have other options, though, that will look just as wonderful in a kitchen. Frequent price drops and free delivery services mean Herringbone floors are more attainable than ever!


Obviously, kitchens and bathrooms can be made of similar materials. If there’s a throughline or theme of aesthetics in the home, it can likely be pinpointed in these areas.

Bathrooms can either be bland and generic or be lush, relaxing spaces that emulate sophisticated spa settings. Spa bathrooms have been a breakout decorative theme in recent years as more people crave an escape, a way to press pause on hectic lifestyles. Herringbone floors can be a part of that, selling a setting far removed from daily life’s trials and tribulations.

Because Herringbone floors are exquisite, they can sit alongside marble and ceramic without any issue too. Once again, the easy-to-clean factor is another big justification for why these floors can also be well-utilised in a bathroom.

Living Rooms

Everybody should be able to enjoy Herringbone floors. Given that living rooms are typically the most popular and used home areas, it makes sense to feature them there too.

Moreover, considering people are trying to make their bathrooms as cosy as their living rooms, Herringbone floors could be one of the crucial threads that perfectly knit the two spaces together, along with the kitchen too.

However, it’s also true that Herringbone floors can boost property value too. Using them elsewhere is viable, but as the living room is typically the largest in a home, you’ll get more mileage out of this perk if you double down on sophistication here. That’s well worth remembering too!

Author: Ryan Byrne

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