Buying a home with a friend

High property prices and hefty deposits meant, for many first-time buyers, putting off the dream of owning their first home. But here is an idea – why not to join forces with a friend or two to get your foot on the property ladder?

That’s exactly what more and more young professionals are doing.

Soaring property prices and stagnant wages meant that just over a quarter of those aged between their mid-twenties and mid-thirties can manage to own their own places. Continue reading Buying a home with a friend

Irish government affordable mortgage scheme

In the last few weeks the Irish Government launched a mortgage scheme to help low and middle income families (with salaries up to €75k per annum) get their first home.

The scheme offers very attractive lending rates (as low as 2% fixed for 25 years). Also, applicants do not need to adhere to the strict central banks rules for income.

The mortgage scheme will be open to new, second hand, and even self build homes.

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