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The cheapest real estate in the world

How to find the best real estate deals that are out there

A house that costs less than a used car, is it possible? Yes, it is. There are great real estate deals available if you are flexible regarding the location or condition.

The best place to start would be to have a look at www.propertyunder20k.com an established website that list only real estate that costs less than 20,000 EUR. You get an overview very quickly when you look at the world map on their homepage. You can see straight away where are the best deals available. Or maybe you like to look at the cheapest house near you – simply zoom into your location.

Granted, for that price it is very likely that you will need to invest a bit more money to make the property a comfortable home for you. The price usually reflects its condition. Or if it is in good condition it might be very small or be in a location where real estate in general is cheaper.

But no worries, you can work your way up.

You don’t necessarily need to go for the absolute cheapest house that is out there. Go for one that you can afford including the renovation costs – otherwise you might be stuck with a problem. Make your homework before. See if you like the location, the neighbourhood and if you can handle the renovation. This means, you might need to climb up the price ladder a little bit until you find the best real estate deal for you.

This website was designed especially for that – to show the cheapest real estate in the world. Over the years we have seen many who took the plunge and bought a house abroad as they just couldn’t resist to let a great bargain go to someone else. Some deals seem to good to be true. But make no mistake. Sit down first and write down the pros and cons before making a hasty decision. Especially when buying a house abroad it can be difficult to look after it or find someone to manage it for you.

How to find real estate deals that suit you?

Get a good overview first of what is out there. Maybe you could afford more than 20,000 EUR. There are websites with higher price ranges such as www.propertyunder50k.com. You can use the advanced search to narrow down the real estate listings until you find exactly what you are looking for.


There are thousands of great real estate deals out there. Usually they don’t come problem free but if you feel able to deal with them it is the best way to get one of the cheapest real estate in the world.

5 thoughts on “The cheapest real estate in the world”

  1. Hi, we would like a property under €20,000 that we can renovate with some land for extension. We love Italy And Greece, but are super open minded.
    We have been looking at the bay islands in Honduras.
    Let us know.

    1. Hi Oliver, thanks for getting in touch with us. Please feel free to look through our website. We have many listings in Italy in Greece. You can also set up a search alert and when something new is posted you will be informed.

      All the best,

  2. Hi I’m looking for a 20k-30 K property any where in world .
    I’m 40 and do not want to go through a $500-$600k mortgage plus interest.
    I’m open minded on how much construction needs to be done any advice or properties in mind

  3. Looking for rent to own homes in either Livonia Michigan, hamtramck Michigan,troy michigan, farmington hills michigan,ferndale michigan or grosse pointe michigan or clinton township michigan

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