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The lack of a single European Property Website

Most countries have a main property website or two that covers the whole country.

The US also has a couple of major sites which appear to cover the all states ( being the one I have used).

One thing that seems to be missing in Europe is a joined up property website.

One that  summaries all properties for sale throughout the whole European area.

The closest I could find was a property website called which appears to cover most European countries and have several thousand properties listed. Perhaps the lack of European single site should not be a surprise as we need to overcome several languages and cultures and even different systems and mechanisms for selling property.

Would there even be a demand for a single European site? Most people who are looking for a property within Europe already know the country in which they want to live. So, they can use the national website.

People outside of Europe though who want to move in may like to compare several countries. They like to see how far their budget will spend. Consequently a single website would be useful. Cooperation between all existing national websites would likely be difficult. Also, to agree on to reach our goal of a single European website.

A good start might be a European wide property ID system. Maybe similar to the system currently in use within the US. For now I am going to pursue (yes it is our property website but it’s my blog so I can plug whomever I want!).

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