Where do you want to live? Suburbs or city center?

Do you like it Green and quiet or you are rather in the middle of the action?

Suburbs or city center, close to the park or the shopping center: Before choosing to buy a property, you need to choose the location.

Families are drawn to the outskirts or suburbs

On the outskirts and in suburbs are the typical development areas with charming terraced houses, as well as detached houses of developers. Especially young families are drawn to these residential areas. Life is not only cheaper, but also quieter than in city centers – recreational areas are right on the doorstep. For a good connection to shops, medical practices, schools or play schools recommend the purchase of a car or at least a bus or train station within walking distance. This is also very important for commuters.

An idyllic life in the countryside

Lower prices, larger plots of land, relaxed life: a lot of things speak for a life in the countryside. In most villages there is a baker, a butcher and a GP. However, the idyllic rural life implies that a car is needed for going out at night, to visit a specialized doctor or a larger supermarket. The same applies to schools, kinder gardens and -unless you are one of those lucky people who work from home – the workplace.

Which residential area is the right for me?

The following points provide some guidance in selecting the right area

– Social and age structure: Do you fit into this district as a family, as a single person or as a retiree?
– Zoning: What other building projects are coming up in the area?
– Green areas: Are they well maintained? Are there any playgrounds?
– Transport: Is there a bus, train or motorway connecting the area?
– Infrastructure: Where will you shop or go to the doctor?
– School: Where is the nearest school?
– Culture and leisure: What is available locally?
– Broadband: How fast is the internet connection?

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