Golden Visa – Portugal

The Golden Visa Portugal gives Non-EU investors the opportunity to take up residency in Portugal through investment.

Since 2012 Portugal has in place an attractive and effective way of encouraging foreign investment.
The Golden Visa Scheme is designed to give non European individuals the possibility of obtaining legal residency in the country by means of investment and eventually apply for citizenship.
There are a few types of investment that will qualify a wealthy foreign investor to apply for the Golden Visa.

One way is by making a capital investment above 1,000,000 Euro. Smaller amounts will be also considered depending on the type of investment.

Another way is to create at least 10 jobs.

A third way is to acquire property for at least 500,000 Euro.
The Scheme allows it to be one or multiple units as long as the total value is 500,000 Euro or more.
When the investment is made on a property built more than 30 years ago, it can be reduced to 350,000 Euro including refurbishment costs.
In addition there are no restrictions on renting or leasing the property purchased.

Independently on the type of investment, it has to be maintained for a minimum of 5 years.

During these 5 years the investor will be issued a Residency Visa, after this time he or she can apply for Permanent Residency and after one more year (6 years in total) for Citizenship.

The applicant can also regroup his spouse and minor children.

2 thoughts on “Golden Visa – Portugal”

  1. Hi, Good day. I am interested to avail this opportunity which Portugal has created for people who wish to move to a developed countries.

    I am not too rich, but still wish for a good life for my family. Kindly tell me the options to opt which has a minimum investment.



    1. Hi Roger,
      If you opt for buying property in Portugal the cheapest option is to buy property built more than 30 years ago. The minimum required investment is 350.000 Euro including refurbishment costs.

      For more options and information please see:

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