Where are the cheapest houses in Europe? Find cheap properties in Europe

Here you can see all cheap properties in Europe on a map. That makes it easy to locate the hotspots for cheap property in Europe. The question is: How much is cheap?

For us, we thought below 20,000 Euro is really cheap. Therefore we created a map with real estate that is priced at 20k Euro or less.

properties in europe under20k
Map with properties in Europe under20k

Of course you can also see them as a list and sort them by the cheapest to see the cheapest houses in Europe: https://www.propertyunder20k.com/properties-by-continent/europe

If you are looking to invest a little bit more we also have a map with properties below 50,000 Euro.

properties in europe under50k
Map with properties in Europe under50k

And again, you can see those in a list as well and find the cheapest homes in Europe: https://www.propertyunder50k.com/properties-by-continent/europe

And we have another map with real estate for 99,000 Euro or less.

properties under99k
Map with properties in Europe under99k

And here is the link to the list: https://www.propertyunder99k.com/properties-by-continent/europe

If you have a bigger budget you can also see more properties in Europe here: https://www.propertyandmoreproperty.com/properties-by-continent/europe

We currently have more than 1,800 properties for sale in Europe.

Do you also have a property for sale? You can list it on our website for free and it will be added on the map!

Visit: https://www.listproperty4free.com/

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