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houses for kids

Houses for kids – Get your little ones excited about real estate


We are buying, restoring and selling real estate for the last 8 years now. We have two girls, 5 and 3 years old. Going to the DIY shop has been part of the weekly routine all their life. No wonder our girls are full of ideas about having their own little building projects.

Of course they have their own little space in the garden with the traditional sand pit where they can unleash their creativity. I already watched them assembling stones to built ways and building houses for little bugs they collected. Sometimes they use little sticks to pretend they are drilling holes or using it as a screwdriver.


price growth europe

An Overview of Expected Property Price Growth in Europe


I was reading an article recently which reviewed a recently published S&P report. It indicated that 3 countries are set to led the price growth in property: Ireland, Portugal, and the Netherlands.

It appears the price growth in these countries is as a result of a shortage in supply.

The report predicts that the top 3 countries will continue to see growth in property prices until at least 2020. For the coming year it predicts growth of 8.5% in both Portugal and Ireland with the Netherlands close behind. READ MORE

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