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Spacious country house with vast plot of land and good locat


€ 15,000


Spacious country house with vast plot of land and good locat

Big country house with vast plot of land situated in a quiet village
near hills and fields 100 km northeast from Sofia, Bulgaria. The
property is situated on the main street less than 50 meters away from
café-bar, bus stop, the post office, the mayor`s office and small
grocery store. The house has two floors connected via solid internal
staircase made of nicely carved stone blocks. The ground floor holds a
spacious lobby which goes into a corridor connecting two more rooms –
living room and storage. Over the solid staircase one can go to the
second floor where corridor and three spacious rooms are located. The
staircase goes all the way up to the attic area which is quite
spacious and with some efforts can be turned into a great loft with
additional living space. The house has a backdoor entrance situated at
the second floor and from here one can go into the garden which is
currently quite overgrown. The property comes with a vast yard divided
into three different areas and reaching the street running at the far,
back end of the real estate. In the garden one can find barn and
several small farm buildings. As the house is located on the main
street the access to it is very easy all year round. Through the gate
at the back street one can enter the yard with a variety of vehicles
such as cars, delivery vans, farming equipment, etc. The village where
the property is situated is about 7 km away from train stop, river and
nice spots for fishing and camping. The nearest town is 9 km away from
here and is the seat of the local council thus providing lots of
administrative services as well as schools and kindergartens,
hospital, police station, fire station, pharmacies, gas stations,
shops and restaurants, train and bus station with directs links to the
regional capital city Vratsa and the national capital Sofia. The
distance from Sofia International Airport to the property with car is
about half an hour. Big countryside house with spacious plot of land
and good location less than two hours away from the national capital
city and international airport.

in a village

Area: 5545 m2

Living area: 166 m2

15,500 euros
Can be done on Monthly but needs a good deposit and monthly payments


Property ID: 54387

Floor area:
166 m²
Size of land:
5545 m²
No. of bathrooms:
No. of bedrooms:
3 Bedrooms




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