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Sell Vineyard business opportunities


€ 3,850


Sell Vineyard business opportunities

Vineyard on the land located onto Danube plain of the village of Novachene, Nikopol Municipality, Pleven region, in the locality `Bazovets`, with an area of 0.679 decares / six hundred seventy-nine square meters /, fifth category, constituting property №411014 four hundred and eleven thousand and fourteen /, according to the land subdivision plan.

№000806 field road of Nikopol Municipality.Land plot 51932.411.14, Pleven district, Nikopol municipality, Novachene village, BAZOVETS locality, type of ownership. Private, type of territory Agricultural, category 5, UTP Vineyard, area 679 sq. M, old number 411014,
Order for approval of KKKR № RD-18-258 / 22.04.2019 of the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of AGCC

Bulgarian wine is back! Since you’re likely to see more Bulgarian wine in the coming years (especially if you’re on the East Coast or Europe), this introduction to the wines of Bulgaria will give you a leg up on what to look for. Bulgaria’s wine regions and location on the Black Sea, Danube plain, and Thracian valley.

Just so you know, not only does Bulgaria offer exceptional wine quality for jaw-dropping value, there are many unique varieties that you won’t find anywhere else.

An actual valuation of this property is based on multiple factors: Size of land: 679 m², location next to the village, exceptional wine quality, and so on.
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Property ID: 26123

Size of land:
679 m²



the village of Novachene, Nikopol Municipality, Pleven region, in the locality `Bazovets`
с. Новачене, Община Никопол, Плевенска област, в м. `Бъзовец`
Close to:
Historic centre, School, Kindergarten, Hospital, Nursing home, Bus stop, Shopping area, Park, Touristic area, Natural park, Forest, Lake, River.

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