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Real Estate in the Azores Islands


€ 14,400


Real Estate in the Azores Islands

This small prime sea view property of land is overlooking the Atlantic ocean with with sea views of
S.Jorge Island. This fine property is located off the main circuit road away from all the regular tours
and traffic. It has access to water , electric and good internet. Conveniently located about 1 minute
walk to the sea. Below this property there is rock swimming pool and a great diving spot. This special
cheap deal is ideal for installing a Tiny house on wheels ,which is an ideal spot for vacations at
reasonable budget. The tiny house can be sold separately and placed on the property .This is not a
construction project and is a separate deal with the tiny house. So no building permanents are
required. General location of the property is found on the north east side of Pico Island in the town of
Santo Amaro. The other big deal is the property also offers loads fun things to do in the town with a
great shop.

Buying property online during Covid restrictions is possible.
It is totally possible to buy this property online without the expense of travelling to the Azores Islands in Portugal. With a deposit from you the property can be secured legally with paper work done through the Portuguese Embassy in you country of origin. Please just request more information about this legal procedure from me if needed.


Property ID: 37632

For construction
Size of land:
620 m²
Timber, Brick, Stone.



Santo Amaro
Pico Island
Close to:
Shopping area.

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