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One house plus potentially two dwellings/businesses 3in1


€ 19,000


One house plus potentially two dwellings/businesses 3in1

Please note apart from the €19,000 purchase price there is an initial €9,000 amount to have it off the market, get keys and written permission to be in and do work on it. I simply cannot take the chance of doing that for any less than €9,000. This €9,000 initial amount is by bank transfer only and is non negotiable. Normally people need to wait months to gain access to a property. With this €9,000 amount you can have access straight away. The purchase price of €19,000 can be made anytime from the next day after the €9,000 transfer. This must be done by Escrow and your chosen notary/lawyer as per German law and must be completed within two years.


The most urgent thing is a part of the roof needs repaired. Some of the tiles blew down onto the pavement below hence the local council have put a cordon in place on the pavement. This has been made temporarily waterproof but the sooner it is properly repaired the better. The rest of the roof is fine.

The electrics for the main house are there but also needs attention e.g. a new modern up to date meter system. Radiators need moved from what was the old shop/unit to each of the upper floor rooms in the main house and piped in. There is scope in some of the rooms to sand down and varnish old floor boards. It also needs a kitchen installed but this is normal with any property purchase in Germany.

Unfortunately due to an ongoing health condition, being in the UK and difficulty travelling viewing inside is simply not possible. One room has been more or less renovated and decorated ready to sleep in while work is continued (see last picture).

If you think this might be a scam I can do a video call and prove my identity to show I am who I say I am. Obviously a scammer wouldn’t do this. Rest assured I am a totally trustworthy person and this is a completely legitimate sale.

Consisting of the main house to the left and shop/unit to the right. Possible uses could be a cafe/restaurant microbrewery/bar in the right end with access to an outdoor seating area or simply two houses to rent out. Also ideal as an AirBnB. There is ample space on the ground floor for ebike and/or cycle storage and workshop. There are many km of great cycle ways throughout the countryside around the amazing lakes in the area. There is ample parking in the adjacent village square. It is also within a 10 min walk to a large supermarket (see pictures). There is also a large discount store within 10 min. Also within 5 mins walk is a great open air public swimming pool set in beautiful surroundings to enjoy during the summer months. There is a stunning large lake within a 20 min walk with various sandy beaches/coves, great for water sports or simply enjoying the sun. There is a primary and secondary school nearby. Direct trains run from the village to Leipzig fairly regularly from early morning to late night. Leipzig is beautiful and it is where Bach spent a large part of his life. Significant renovation work has already been carried out at a cost of around €15,000. Unfortunately due to a health issue work has currently stopped.

The entire property is classed as one as far as property tax etc is concerned. €35 per month paid every three months. Electricity is currently on with a €10 basic monthly fee. Water is currently off but can be easily reconnected. There is an associated €15 obliged rainwater management charge per month.

This property is fully and solely in my name in the local authority land registry and has been so for a number of years now.

The property directly on the other side of the road of around the same size sold a year or so ago for around €150,000 (in a renovated condition of course).

Please keep in mind this property is not in Leipzig itself but around 25 mins away by train. Contact me for exact specific location.


Property ID: 57560

Floor area:
390 m²




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