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House in need of complete renovation in Karamanovo, Ruse


€ 4,142


House in need of complete renovation in Karamanovo, Ruse

The property is located in the village of Karamanovo, right on the
main road connecting Romania and the Bulgaria. Karamanovo village is
within the boundaries of Veliko Turnovo district which is one of the
most developed Bulgarian districts with lots of investment going into
it and many actual improvements in almost everything - infrastructure,
administration, economy, etc. The property is regulated, 100%
freehold!!! The village of Karamanovo boasts only with a peaceful,
rolling-hill type of countryside. The village is very presentable,
famous with its fertile land and beautiful surroundings. It is about
20 km. from the Danube River and 20 min from the town of Svistov. It
is 40 minutes away from Ruse town and less than 2 hours drive to
Bucharest airport in Romania. Hunting and fishing are available in the
area. The local people are very friendly, hospitable and helpful. The
village has all the basic facilities – grocery shops, cafйs, pubs, a
post office, local medical centre, a Town Hall… There is a regular bus
transport to and from the village. The village already has internet
connection, cable television and landline connection, good roads. THE
PROPERTY includes one old house and one derelict house set on 2,000
sq.m. of regulated land. THE FIRST HOUSE has a total living area of 50
sq.m. Its roof has been recently re-done by the previous owners.
Electricity is connected to the house with a roadside meter. Water is
connected to the house but will need a meter (costing about 50BGN) to
start the account. The house is fairly old and constructed with rock
foundations, mud brick walls and mud floors. This house is much
stronger than many in the area with mud brick walls approximately
1.5ft thick all round. This house will be strong and standing for a
very long time. The house is split into 4 ground-floor rooms and a
hall way. The upper floor roof space is large which could either be
converted as is or walls extended to make a windowed second floor. The
house has been split and middle doorway bricked up by previous owner
who lived in the three smaller rooms. The other half of the house with
two larger rooms had been used for storage dry space with shed door
fitted at front where a window used to be. The house windows are
fitted with glass and a front door with set of keys. There is a sofa
bed, coffee table, mud brick fire connected to chimney and in the
kitchen an old sink with drainage. The house can be lived in at
present but will need the water account opening and a meter for about
50BGN. The house already has electricity, connected and running, with
a roadside meter. THE SECOND HOUSE is bigger, with appr. 80 sq.m. of
living area, but older than the first house and in a very bad derelict
condition. Most of the material from it can be used for building a new
house or for its restoration. The roof and walls have fallen in and
much of the wood is already rotten. There is a lot of material that
can be saved, sold or for re-building/restoring. This house has no
electricity or water connected. There is an outside toilet in OK
condition with good roof and door. There is electricity and water
mains available to the property. The property has very good TARMAC
ACCESS. The property is near the top of a hill on the outskirts of the
village Karamanovo. There is only 1 house further up, then farm tracks
and peaceful, rolling-hill type countryside. The garden has a
southerly exposure, with many grape vines and trees in it. It reveals
nice views! The property is connected to water mains and electricity.
The entire plot is 2,000 sq.m. - Regulated, freehold, easy to be

Date: 29.11.20
Area: 130 sqm
Type: Old Style


Property ID: 42811

Floor area:
130 m²
Size of land:
2000 m²
No. of bathrooms:
No. of bedrooms:
2 Bedrooms




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