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Welcome to RBT Thailand our Team with over 16 years experince in buying, selling and renting. For all Budgets.

Whether you are looking to buy - rent or even Invest for a 7% return rest assured with us it will be a easy and pleasant transition.

All of our Condos are remodled to a high standard.
Need Help Finding Your Perfect Condo?
If you are unfamiliar with Pattaya, Jomtien areasThailand and would like us to suggest a condo for you, you can fill out a form on Contact Page and we will email you suggestions of condos of your specification of size, location, facilities, budget and more. Use our Contact Form to receive an email with information about a condo that fits your budget and needs.

Please send max budget and max down payment and we can let you know of all deals within your budget.

Website is being updated frequently - more to be added - we can cater for all budgets and sizes.

How Rent to Own a Condo Works:

For many a rent to own a condo option may be the best option because of the available easy payment plans we can offer our clients. In some cases
a down payment of 30% may suffice with easy monthly payments.

For example, if purchasing a property for 1.4 million Thai Baht you could initially pay just 420,000 Thai Baht as a down payment on your condo, followed by monthly payments of 16,330 Thai Baht over five years (length of term is flexible according to your requirements). After this you will completely own your condo, with no interest to pay. With a higher down payment you can reduce your monthly payment or shorten the term.
Chon Buri

Many Condos In and around Pattaya - Jomtien and Bangsuray areas
Bang Saray

close to:
Bus stop, Shopping area, Park, Leisure centre, Touristic area, Beach.

Village, Beach.
Apartment block
Property ID:5347

type: Condo

habitable: Yes
presently: Empty
structure: Stone, Concrete.

extras: Private car park, Swimming pool.
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