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Apartment in Királd, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, Hungary


€ 16,040


Apartment in Királd, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, Hungary

£13.953 , excluding 4% tax
Commission to be added on top

Don't feel like gardening and still live or go on holiday in Hungary?
Then consider an apartment!!.

Királd is located in the north of Hungary and this apartment is part
of a building of 4. Everything is on the ground floor, so it is easily
accessible and you can park in front.

In the apartment you will find the hall, the living room / kitchen
(over 20 m2), 2 bedrooms (15 and 6 m2), bathroom and separate toilet.
You also buy a summer kitchen of 18m2.

The building is on a plot of 824 m2 of which you are a co-owner.

The apartment is all okay. Electricity and water pipes have been
renewed and the door has been replaced by a plastic door. There is
laminate on the floor and then the beautiful tiled stove has been

Facilities such as water, electricity and sewage are available. The
heating is regulated by means of the tiled stove and the air
conditioning. Connecting to the internet is no problem.

Királd is a large village with almost 1,000 inhabitants and located
higher in the Bükk Mountains. Located 20 minutes from Szilvásvárad
which is well-known for the horses. The beautiful city of Eger can be
reached within half an hour by car. Beautiful city where you can do
all your shopping, but also a cozy centre where you can sit on a
terrace or eat out. The castle and basilica are definitely worth a

Ideal for those who do not like gardening, but want to have a
(holiday) address in Hungary, this is a great opportunity for a very
nice price.

The kitchen is part of the purchase price.

Property type: Apartment
Last Renovation: 2020
House size: 60 m2
Built of: Stone
Summer Kitchen: Yes
Built around: 1950
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1


Property ID: 49801

Floor area:
60 m²
No. of bathrooms:
No. of bedrooms:
2 Bedrooms




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