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Apartment for Sale

Apartment in City Centre Athens -!!NOT AVAILABLE

Apartment in City Centre Athens -INVESTMENT OPPPORTUNITY!!

Unit in Amerikis Square
-3rd floor
- Bedroom
-Living Room
-in the heart of Athens
-close to Monastiraki/Syndagma
-needs rennovation

Agios Nikolaos
Agios Nikolaos

close to:
Historic centre, School, Hospital, Train station, Bus stop, Shopping area, Park, Public square.

Property ID:6146

type: Flat

habitable: Yes
condition: 2nd hand

floor area: 57 m2

built in: 1970
presently: Empty
structure: Brick, Concrete.

no. of bathrooms: 1
no. of bedrooms: 1 Bedroom

Situated: In old building
floor: Any

extras: Balconies, Elevator.
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