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2-storey house in a mountain area near Gabrovo


€ 9,500


2-storey house in a mountain area near Gabrovo

The property consists of a 2-storey house, farm buildings and a plot of land spreading over 800 sq.m.
The first floor of the house consists of 2 rooms and a basement. On the second floor are disposed 2 rooms and a cellar.
The property is supplied with electricity and mains water.
The area is abundant in fresh air, hills and forest. Close to the village there is a big dam lake suitable for picnics or fishing. The village itself is located 32 km from Veliko Tarnovo, 35 km from Gabrovo, 20 km from Sevlievo and only 2 km away from the main road that goes to Sofia.


Property ID: 42152

Floor area:
100 m²
Size of land:
800 m²
No. of bedrooms:
2 Bedrooms



Veliko Tarnovo

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